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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cupcakes, Sales, and Cocktails - The Novella

Hello Peeps:

It's been a long year. A long year of writing and marketing and working. It's been a year filled with rejections and overwhelming acceptance. Many people said no. But more people said yes. Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys, which was published by Krill Press in 2010, continues to entertain readers. I'm hard at work writing the next novel in the Cupcakes mystery series - Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys.

In 2010, after my agent vanished into the ethers, I wrote a YA historical fantasy novel. It's a time travel thriller with romantical elements. (Thanks Ramona DeFelice Long for that word.) Now I'm querying again, waiting to hear back from agents and publishers for this story that I love. And waiting and waiting...

This might be the craziest time in publishing history. Instead of spiraling down that rabbit hole while I wonder what's going to happen with my new YA novel and when, I decided to end 2011 on a high note. I wrote and am self-pubbing Cupcakes, Sales, and Cocktails - The Novella.

The story takes up where the novel ended. It follows the dilemmas and debacles of the ghost yakking heroine with a pinch of psychic ability and a penchant for trouble -- Annie Graceland.

I'm pricing it at 99 cents. A BARGAIN! 

Description of Cupcakes, Sales, and Cocktails - The Novella: Annie Graceland’s a midwestern baker with a pinch of psychic ability that’s surviving a divorce while navigating the mean clean streets of L.A. When stressed, Annie’s psychic gift/curse kicks into high gear. She’s empathic; feels other people’s lusts, urges and desires in her own body. Not a problem if that someone’s craving chocolate or Kettle Chips. Definitely a problem if she’s haunted by a pesky ghost to solve their murder.

Annie’s friends push her to jumpstart her wardrobe as she re-enters the dating world. At Snotsky's Department Store Annie meets the most obnoxious clerk imaginable: Edith Flowers. When Edith’s murdered and doesn’t pass to the After-Life, Annie agrees to investigate and find her killer. She infiltrates the crew of Snotsky’s suspects. Was it the new manager, the archrival in Cocktail attire, the bra fitter? Will Annie solve the murder and find anything new to wear that she can afford?

Bonus: 1st chapter excerpt from Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys! 

The waiting is almost over. Let the mayhem begin. Thank you for your patience. I'll update you in the next couple of days with Amazon and Nook links.

~ Now go read a good book and tell someone you love about it! ~


Pamela DuMond

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Power of Pole Dancing

The other day my too cute for words and knows it cat, Lola, decided to try climbing up a lamp pole, stretch, and stick her head next to the light bulb.

Although I was on the phone with a friend at the time, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity, grabbed my flip camera and filmed the events. I couldn't narrate the video but instead, oh-so-delicately snorted in the background.

I posted it on youtube. In less than twelve hours I had 147 hits. Mind you, it took me a month to get 154 hits on my Book Trailer. (Although, nearly 500 Book Trailer hits were on another site.)

But here's the funniest part. Today I was followed on Twitter by....

The Pole Vault

The Pole Vault

@polevaultdenver Denver, CO
Workout with our professional pole dancers in their exclusive pole fitness classes or book a pole dancing party out of the studio.

And this my friends is The Power of Pole Dancing.

I have decided to skip the YA book, forgo the next book in the Cupcakes, LIes, and Dead Guys series, and instead concentrate all my efforts on the adventures of Lola, the Pole Dancing Cat.  (Yeah, I can spot a trend when I see it!)

Now go read a book and tell someone you love about it!

Pamela DuMond